Alternate Names - Smart Online Order for the Clover

There is a setting in the clover dashboard and it's called alternate names. 

  • Alternates names are used by employees cooks, staff, to have a different name print to the kitchen printer and what they normally use for the customer to see. They do this to make the receipts shorter, To make it more convenient. 
  • It is right here in the Order Receipt under Account & Setup and you can use Alternate Names.

So the names come from in the inventory app.

When you go to the inventory app, all items have the name but when you press the pencil, you will see an Alternate Name.

As you see the Alternate Name, is heavily abbreviated. This is good for the cook and the staff but not good for online ordering.

So on your online ordering,  if you have names heavily abbreviated and you don't want to use those names then you can :

  • Go to the dashboard or your WordPress dashboard or for the back end of your online order page.
  • Press Clover Orders > Store settings and tell the system or tell the online ordering not to use alternate names because if it detects that you have them they will use that.
  • Go to Use Alternate Names and change to NO.

Once you change it to NO, we'll go back to using regular names which is this one.

A reminder that Alternate Name is not user-friendly or understandable by the customer.