Announcements and Upcoming Releases

We are constantly updating, improving, and adding new features to Smart Online Order. 

Please check back soon for the latest update or click on this link to see the latest features. 



  • Fixed rounding float for a percentage – for services fees
  • Improved ordering method with iPads and Apple Pencil
  • Improved the process of how an address is applied towards Delivery Orders
  • Improved accessibility – We are committed to accessibility for all users
  • Added link to helpful articles to search answers to common questions
  • Clarified how fixed delivery fees work by highlighting the text in red


  • Fixed Avada theme compatibility
  • Fixed issue when disabling order types


  • Fixed issue when saving delivery settings


  • Added new Store Interface Six. This is a fun and interactive store interface with categories at the top
  • Added ability to have Custom Hours for Categories. For example, you can have specific hours that your lunch menu is available for Online Ordering
  • Added ability to have Custom Hours for Order Types. For example, you can have specific hours of when you would like to do delivery or pick-up order
  • Improved Clean Inventory feature for all items
  • Improved Search Feature [moo_search] by pressing “enter” to quickly list items
  • Added ability to quickly close the Order Online Page from the store settings. You can still close the store from and then putting closed during the business hours
  • Added ability to add a description to categories
  • Added ability to display default message “Not Available Yet” when a customer tries to purchase a category outside of ordering hours. Default Message can also be changed
  • Fixed some broken “help/documentation” links. Thanks, Chris! for letting us know!
  • Added One-Click Install feature that creates a Smart Online Order Page using the Clover Inventory. Great for those that don’t have a WordPress Website. Hence, a user can use any website on any platform and simply link to the Order Online Page
  • Added optional ability to have special instructions pop up after item/modifier is added, but just before the item is added to cart. This feature was requested by merchants that wanted their customer's names or any special instructions for each sandwich, especially when a lot of sandwiches were ordered.
  • Added ability to sync inventory while searching through the categories
  • Added ability to search for modifiers by name


  • Full support of WordPress Network (Subdomains & Subdirectories)
  • Integration with Perfect Coupons App by Zaytech. It’s now possible to create and print coupons on your Clover POS device and then allow customers to redeem the coupon online
  • Fixed an issue where a comma was converting to a forward slash for item descriptions
  • Added “Trending” items to the “My Orders” or “My Account” Page. This allows customers to see their most purchased orders as well as the most purchased items by all customers.
  • Added the ability to change the text under special Instruction in Checkout Page
  • Added more customization options to store interfaces 3, 4 & 5
  • Added the ability to display different categories on different pages, (add the attribute categories to the shortcode for example [moo_all_items categories=’K05C3JC47FHY6,1QKMPCAN4GVF4′] )
  • Added the ability to choose a custom message when the store is closed
  • Added the ability to display a store announcement (Pop-Up) when customers visit the Order Online Page
  • Added changes to page settings to facilitate navigation
  • Fixed import items issue when there are more than 1000 items
  • Other improvements and fixes


  • Fixed modifiers manual sync issue when there are more than 1000 modifiers
  • Fixed and Improved Categories and Items sync
  • Added Tax Sync Feature
  • Improved Store Interfaces System and added new features for third-party developers to create Store Interfaces
  • Fixed and improved issues in Store Interfaces 3 and 4
  • Added Start Date for Coupons
  • Updated font awesome to the latest version
  • Added a new Shortcode [moo_my_account] to the customer's panel (allows customers to see previous orders and re-order) It will start to save orders once the plugin is updated to this version. Deleting and reinstalling the plugin will remove previously saved orders
  • Added more customization options for store interface 4
  • Improved Custom CSS section (added ability to override original CSS )
  • Added the possibility to hide ‘show more’ in-store interface 4
  • Added the ability to disable SMS verification when orders are not paid with a credit card
  • Added the ability to disable online payment and accept only pay at location/pay upon delivery
  • Improved ability to update order types by improving sync functionality with the clover account


  • Fixed printing issues
  • Fixed order note not changed
  • Added the receipt link to the text messages
  • Added ‘PAID’ to order title if the order was paid


  • Added new Store Interface “Store Interface 5”
  • Added reports feature
  • Fixed issue where the store interface wasn’t appearing correctly on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers
  • Fixed issue where ‘$’ symbol would cut off remaining text on the printed receipt
  • Fixed issue where for new installs the address on the map would point to New York instead of the actual location
  • Added additional FAQ
  • Added the following shortcode to be used with Store Interface 4 so it can load on iPhone Apps [moo_all_items js_loading=’false’ interface=”si4″]
  • Other various fixes and improvements


  • Added the clean inventory feature
  • Improved the store interface 4 to accept direct links to a specif category
  • Added the ability for customers to reply to the emails and get the response in their own inbox
  • Added the quantity window to add to cart shortcode
  • Added the ability to add CSS class to add to cart shortcode
  • Fixed reordering issue for categories, items, and modifiers
  • Added customization options for store interface 4 like changing colors and page width or font family
  • Improved Cart Icon by adding the number of items and changed it to a small button
  • Added the ability to show or hide the quantity selection window for the 4th store interface
  • Added the ability to disable modifier groups panel and add it on the same page to avoid scroll issues
  • Added the ability to show or hide the qty for all modifiers or for modifiers without price
  • Changed add to cart button on store interface 4 and added the number of items in cart
  • Ability to hide quantity selection from modifiers with prices or modifiers with no prices for store interface 4
  • Ability to show modifiers as a pop-up or directly underneath the item for store interface 4


  • Added two new store interfaces
  • Store interface 3 has a beautiful interface that allows images to be uploaded for items in a vertical format
  • Store interface 4 is an elegant interface that is great for restaurants or any business that wants a vertical format that may only want to upload images for categories. If the items you are uploading are very similar to the category images, then you can just upload a category image to cover all of the individual items. It also allows you to upload images for items in case the individual items are different from the category image
  • Created a new setting called checkout settings
  • Moved “Login to Checkout” from Store settings to Checkout settings
  • Moved “Payment Options” from Store settings to Checkout settings
  • Moved “Coupons” from Store settings to Checkout settings
  • Moved “Tips” from Store settings to Checkout settings
  • Moved “Thank You Page” forwarding from Store settings to Checkout Settings
  • Ability to charge service fees on all order types; both percentage and a flat fee
  • Ability to charge delivery fees based on a percentage of the subtotal
  • Ability to change the name of the delivery fee and how it appears on the receipt
  • Fixed issue when order type was saved not to show delivery address, it would show delivery address
  • Ability to choose more than 1 quantity of the same modifier
  • Customer is notified in real-time if they exceed the maximum modifier selection
  • Ability to hide special instructions on the checkout page
  • Ability to add additional text in the description fields
  • Changed “Pay in cash” to “Pay at location”
  • Ability to manually enter a radius without having to draw a zone
  • Improved image layout and upload quality
  • Improved the add to cart button (shortcode) for individual items
  • Ability to choose different scheduled order times for delivery and pickup


  • Added a new feature called coupon codes
  • Fixed issue where duplicate cart pages were being created
  • Added a widget so it displays business hours during checkout
  • Added support for additional themes
  • Increased the speed of the checkout page
  • Fixed various bugs and other improvements
  • Added script to send print command multiple times to merchants that experienced poor wifi connectivity
  • Improved the functionality of how delivery fees are registered on the receipt


  • Added login/signup feature
  • Ability to save customer addresses for future purchases
  • Improved the checkout process
  • Added order details
  • Ability to re-arrange the order types
  • Improved order types and functionality
  • Improved e-mail receipt with more attention to detail
  • Ability to track inventory count
  • Fixed duplicated pages issue
  • Improved feedback section
  • Improved delivery fee calculation
  • Improved layout so more description can be added
  • Fixed various bugs and made improvements


  • The improved process to make adding descriptions easier
  • Ability to rearrange items
  • In edit items page (filter by category)
  • Drop-down menu in modifiers when one modifier is required
  • All prices with $0.00 will be hidden
  • Fixed taxes for delivery
  • Added price per unit in-store interface one
  • Added the short-code [moo_all _items category=’uuid’] for store interface 1. This allows placing categories on different pages by using the shortcode. Also possible for store interface 2
  • Fixed the partial payment issue
  • Fixed other bugs and made improvements


  • Improved and increased font size for required modifier
  • Updated email receipts with more information
  • Shows special instructions on the checkout page and on email receipt
  • Ability to show item description for store interface 1
  • Fixed various bugs and other issues


  • Ability to rearrange modifiers & modifiers group
  • Ability to change modifiers names


  • Prevent customers from ordering outside of business hours and days
  • Option to add an image to any category
  • Ability to rearrange categories
  • Added multiple images for the item
  • Improved order later
  • Improved manually sync


  • Added Out of stock feature
  • Improved checkout feature
  • New design for plugin’s dashboard
  • Improved the exiting styles


  • Added Order for later
  • Added SMS notification for merchants and customers


  • Pickup without paying
  • Manually Sync
  • Add to cart button


  • Improved The CART CSS
  • Remove qty limit
  • Removed Style 2
  • Fixed empty map in the checkout


  • Added delivery area
  • Added tips
  • Added required modifiers


  • Fixed Modifier issues


  • Added image for products
  • Fixed more than one checkout page issue
  • The Cart is on a new page
  • Added order information on checkout page


  • Display the items without category
  • Min and Max Modifier allowed in group modifier


  • Fixed bulk show/hide items
  • Added show/hide category
  • Change category’s name


  • Fixed cart’s color
  • Fixed the shortcode issue


  • Added a video



  • Store’s hours
  • Business address
  • Show/Hide shipping address for an order type
  • Sync with your Clover POS
  • Item’s notes


  • Partially paid
  • Changing the quantify of an item in the cart


Fix issues



  • Change name of Modifier group
  • Show/hide Modifier group


Fix issues


Change the UI for Modifiers


Update Frequently Asked Questions


First Release