FAQ (Frequently asked questions) (2)

29.) I want some quick installation instructions

  • Install Smart Online Order for Clover plugin, go to clover.com, install Smart Online Order, and re-launch the app to get the API Key. Select import items, and Wait for your menu to sync. Then go to store settings and make any changes.

30.) What is a Clover POS?

  • Please visit Clover.com to learn more about the Clover POS.

31.) Will the plugin work if I don’t have a Clover POS?

  • No, this plugin requires that you have an activated merchant account with a Clover POS

32.) Does Smart Online Order work with Clover GO?

  • No.

33.) I don’t have a WordPress Website, will Smart Online Order still work for me?

  • Yes, we will make you an Online Order Page, which you can link to

34.)I don’t have a website, what can I do?

  • No problem, we can create for you a beautiful website with Online Ordering. Please call or email for more info, call us at this number.

    925-414-3848 / support@zaytech.com

35.) What Clover Service Plans does Smart Online Order Support?

  • Smart Online Order needs the inventory app in order to work. Here are the following plans that it needs: Table-Service Restaurant Merchants, Counter-Service Restaurant Merchants, Register Merchants, and Register Lite Merchants.

    Please note that some of Clover's Service Plans do not support the use of modifiers and you will need to upgrade your plan if you wish to use modifiers with your Smart Online Order System.