How to copy the clover data from development site to production site.

So far there is no option in plugin settings to export the data and import them to your new website or production website, but don’t worry you can copy all your data from local development to a production website using the only PHPMyAdmin.

To copy the clover data

1- First of all install the plugin on the new website
2- Go to PHPMyAdmin and navigate to the database of the old website or the development website
3- Export all table that start with {your_db_prefix}_moo_
4- Open the file and change the old website URL by the new one (you can use notepad++, click on CTRL+F and choose to replace tab)
4- Go to the database of the new website and import exported tables in step 3
5- Copy all images from the old website to the new one using FTP, (images are stored here /wp-content/uploads/), don’t forget to respect the folder's hierarchy (year/month)
6- All finished –

For the plugin settings, you can just re-enter them on the new website or follow the next steps if you won't move them also.

To copy the plugin setting (optional if you want to re-enter the settings manually )

1- On the old database execute the query :
SELECT option_value FROM `wp_options` where option_name = 'moo_settings'
change wp by your prefix
2- Copy the result of the previous query and execute this query on the new database (database of the production website)
update `wp_options` set option_value ='old_value' where option_name = 'moo_settings'
change old_value by the text you copied in the previous step

Great, you finished all steps and now all clover data and plugins settings were copied to your new website

There are some images for more details