How to Sync and Clean the Inventory, what are Partial Payments? Smart Online Order for Clover

In this article, you will learn to sync the inventory so that both the Online Ordering and the Clove have the same prices.

  • Go to the back end of your online order page. Press Clover Orders > Settings > Import/Sync Inventory.
  • Once you press ‘’Import/Sync Inventory’’ you’re gonna press ‘’Update Modifiers’’, ‘’Update Categories’’, ''Update Order Types’’, ''Update All Items’’ if you have changed your taxes please do that as well.
  • Once you are done updating, it will match the price that’s on your clover inventory.
  • When you do your clean inventory, it's important that you do all the steps.

    How to solve the partial payment issues...

  • Check your email for the link to the Order Online Page. This was emailed to you on how log back here over here if you don’t have that, send this video to your web developer so they can sync it for you.
  • The third option is, if you can't find this email is going to your website, press order online and if your online order page ends with the following dot smart online order then simply put WP admin at the end.
  • Then if your website is WordPress, then you can simply log in to your WordPress Website so that’s how you solve the partial payment issues.