Wholesale customers - Coupon Codes - No Tax - Smart Online Order

In this article, you will learn how to make a change how to remove taxes, add coupon codes and make changes.

  • Go to your online page.
  • Log in to the back end, go to the dashboard
  • Press Clover Orders > Settings > Order Types 
  • Make a new order type then click Add button
  • So let's say they come in and they order this bowl right here.
  • Then towards the checkout page, what you do is you must put check on the button Online- Wholesale Customer and you will notice that when you clicked it, see how it's non-taxable
  • So to do coupon codes, go back to the back end
  • Go to Clover Orders > Coupons > Order Types then create your coupon
  • Create your coupon
  • Once you create that, go to Settings > Check out settings > Enable coupon codes > Press Save Changes

And now you have the coupon option available.

Just refresh the page so you can see the coupon codes right here now

Just put the code here and as you see you will receive a discount