Clover's Fraud Prevention Tools

Clover's Fraud Tools can help to mitigate some potential attempts at fraud.

While there will always be the risk of malicious users attempting to defraud your business you can reduce the chance of it occurring with the use of Clover's own Fraud tools as available through your specific merchant account.

Clover's Fraud Tools and You

As there will unfortunately always be a market for card info online there will always be the risk that one of your clients may actually be using stolen card info to make a purchase on your website. But you can take additional steps to reduce the risk of this occurring.



You can enable and customize Clover's Fraud tools from your Clover Web Dashboard by doing the following:

  1. Log into your Clover Web Dashboard
    1. If you don't know your login you will need to reach out to Clover in order to get assistance in logging into your account.
  2. From the left-hand side menu bar scroll down to the option called "Account & Setup" and click on said option.
  3. From the List that appears click on the option "Fraud Tools"
  4. Configure the following list to your desired outcome.
    1. For further clarification on how to set up said options to better suit your business reach out to your Clover Sales Agent or Clover Support.

Further info can be found on Clover's own website in regards to the info in the section above:


You can reduce the risk in-store by having your staff request the customer present the card they used to make the purchase at the time of picking up the order.



In the Following Video, you will learn how to mitigate and prevent chargebacks with Clovers' Fraud Prevention Tools setting.