How to add a Facebook Pixel to your Smart Online Order Subdomain.

You can add your Facebook pixel to your Smart Online Order Subdomain though adding the code snippet on the Divi Editor.

As of current writing, our Smart Online Order subdomains do not allow for any plugins to be installed; so adding your Facebook Pixel via installing said plugin is not possible; though you can still add your Pixel through the Divi Editor.

Installing the Facebook Pixel

  1. You will first need to get your Pixel code snippet from your Facebook Ads page.
  2. Next login to your Smart Online Order subdomain and access your admin dashboard.
    1. If you have the Smart Online Order website plugin for WordPress installed on your own website in order to add Smart Online Order functionality to your own page then you can ignore this guide and simply add the plugin to your website normally.
  3. From the Smart Online Order Subdomain Dashboard, you will then need to click on the Divi option near the left-hand side of the page.


  4. From there Click on Integration from the Divi menu that appears on the main screen and then add your code in the header section.

    1. Ensure that the option "Enable Header Code" is enabled.
  5. From there press the save changes button and your pixel is now added to your Smart Online Order Subdomain.