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How to hide a Modifier from the Order Online Page - Smart Online Order for Clover

  • Here is an example of a receipt. If you have a modifier that you want to hide which is BBQ jumbo shrimps but still shows on the order online page, you might want to follow these steps.
  • First. go to the website and go to the correct location. And then, press CHOOSE QTY & OPTIONS.
  • Next, go to the back-end of the website > Clover Orders > Modifier groups & Modifiers > search the modifier group name which is BBQ meat items choose 3.
  • You can disable it through the enable and disable button.
  • Try to Clean Inventory.
  • Wait for it to load. If you still see it on the page, that means you have a new clover. If you want to get rid of it completely, go to clover. If you want to sell it at the station but not on the website, you have to remove it from here.
  • Go back to Modifier groups & Modifiers. And then, press the enable or disable button. If you want to get rid of a certain modifier, you have to do it manually.
  • Remember, if you want to hide it from the website, you have to do it on the back-end of the website. If you want to remove it in clover, you have to do a manual sync.