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How to show any Category on a different Page

Display Donuts Category or any Category on a different page.

There are times where you may want to display a specific category on a different page. For example, you may have a catering menu that you want to keep separate or would like a separate page to accept deposits or donations.

Please note this will only work for store interface 1 and store interface 2.

These are the following steps in making categories appear separate on different pages

  • First, choose a category if you want to make a separate page. To do that, go to the dashboard/back end. Go to Pages and create a new one.
  • Use The Divi Builder and it will direct you to the layouts.
  • You can choose from different layouts for your online page or you can use your saved layouts as well. Press the three (3) lines.
  • It will require the category id. You can get this from clover.com or copy the code from the specific category that you want. Go to Clover Orders > Settings.
  • Once you're on the Clover Orders Settings, go to Categories & Items. Find the specific category that you want and copy the code.
  • Example: [moo_all_items category="SGVFQ44G09H6R"]
  • Go back to the text column and paste the code from the Category & Items. After that, Save & Exit.
  • Go back to Clover Orders Settings > Store Interfaces. Choose your preference. Remember it will only work for Store Interface 1 & 2.
  • In the backend, go to Appearance > Menus. Make sure you press publish.
  • For the category to appear on the page, go to appearance section > menus.
  • Add the category that you prefer to the menu. And then, Save Menu.
  • Go back to the website and refresh.