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How to use the Delivery Features and add Delivery Zones - Smart Online Order for Clover

Using the Delivery Features and add Delivery Zones

  • Here is the back-end of your website. You will use Clover Orders most of the time.
  • Next, go to Clover Orders > Settings > Order types.
  • Once you go to Order Types, make sure delivery is enabled. To do that, press edit.
  • You'll see the Disable / Enabled button. On the Delivery Order section, select Yes. And then, press Save.
  • Once you press save, you'll see that it's enabled already.
  • For example, you're a customer and you have something to order. Just go to your Online Order page, add some items to the cart.
  • Choose the Ordering Method.
  • If you choose Online Order Delivery, it will require an address. If you want to limit your delivery radius, you have to change that from the back-end of the website.
  • Go to Clover Orders > Delivery areas & fees.
  • Press Add zone.
  • Fill up the form. You can put any name that you prefer. Reminder, if you are adding a high amount for the delivery fee, don't put anything on the Minimum order. Make sure you have the right settings.
  • You have to Draw a zone
  • The next step is to set up the fees. Only use the Fixed delivery fee if you are using it for the whole state. Otherwise, keep it blank. Other Zones Delivery fees are for the fee when the order is outside the radius.
  • If you set up everything, press Save Changes.
  • For the custom map, add a zone once again. Select shape to draw zone.
  • Once you draw the zone, make sure to press the Validate selected zone. And then, press Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Once you do that, the delivery zones will be activated.
  • When you go to the check-out page and put the address on it, it will match the zone that you have. It will also charge the customer accordingly to where they're located. You can draw multiple zones.
  • If you want a time schedule for the delivery, go to Custom Hours > Custom Hours For Order Types.
  • You can set and customize the schedule.
  • Press the Add button and it will be added automatically.
  • Once you do that, go to Order Types. On the Ordering Hours, you'll see a different section which is Delivery Hours. It will be more organized for your custom hours.
  • For Clover Business Hours, It's the hours that you will save on your clover website. Once you go to Store Settings, you'll see the business hours for the order types that will be used.
  • Now if you want to disable it, go to Custom Hours.