Code that states what part of the Smart Online Order website plugin is supposed to appear on what page.

By design when installing the Smart Online Order plugin it will create its own pages to use with the Smart Online Order system and add the necessary shortcodes to those pages.

In the event that the plugin is not able to it may be because you have a plugin or your web host's security is set up in a way to prevent plugins to make changes to your website. In which case it may or may not have created the pages and possibly have left them blank.

If the above has occurred then you will need to add the following shortcodes to the associated pages in order for the Smart Online Order system to be able to work correctly.

  • Store - [moo_all_items]
  • Cart - [moo_cart]
  • Checkout - [moo_checkout]
  • My Orders - [moo_my_account]

Each of these pages has a shortcode. It is recommended to leave the settings the same and not create additional pages to display the Online Ordering. However, If you are customizing your website and prefer something different, simply copy and paste the shortcodes onto a different page or blog post.


Shortcode Index:


The shortcode below will display all of your menus:



The shortcode below will show the cart section:


The shortcode below will show the checkout section:


Use the shortcode below to display all items for one category:

[moo_all_items categories="cat_id"]
replace the "cat_id" with the category’s id

Use the shortcode below to add a page to your website so customers create an account and re-order faster:


Using the shortcode below adds a search feature: