Updating Business Hours For Your Smart Online Order System

Hours are imported from your Clover Dashboard's Business Info Page, you can force a sync by opening SOO from the Clover Web Dashboard.

In order to update your hours on your Smart Online Order system you will first need to ensure that your Clover Business hours are correct.

Login To Your Clover Web Dashboard

To do so log onto your Clover Dashboard of the Clover Merchant Account that your Smart Online Order system is connected to: https://www.clover.com/dashboard

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Access the Business Information Page

From there on the left-hand side menu bar scroll to the bottom and then click on "Account & Setup" from the following page then go to "Business Information" and ensure that your hours are up to date and if necessary make appropriate changes and then save said changes from the bottom of that page.

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Open Smart Online Order From your Clover Web Dashboard to Force a Sync

Once you have confirmed that your hours are up to date, return to the main page of your Clover Dashboard and click Smart Online Order from the left-hand side of the menu. Doing so will force a sync of your business hours to your Smart Online Order system. Once the next page finishes loading, Which is the Smart Online Order setup page, you can exit the Clover Dashboard, return to your Smart Online Order system, and refresh the page and it should now be using your updated Clover Hours.

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If Smart Online Order Is Installed On Your Website and Hours Not Updating:

  • In the event that you have our Smart Online Order plugin installed on your own WordPress website and after following these steps the hours are still not updating you more than likely have a caching issue and you will need to either disable the caching plugin on your website or if you have caching provided from your web host provider you will need to contact them in order have them disable your caching. You may then also need to set up rules on your Caching plugin to exclude pages relating to Smart Online Order from Caching such as your store, cart, checkout, etc...