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Requirements and setting up Tips for use on Smart Online Order

Tips through Smart Online Order are dependent on if your current Clover Service Plan allows you to receive tips.

  • Prerequisites

    In order to enable tips, you must first ensure that you have a Clover service plan that allows you to receive tips.
  • Once confirmed ensure that you have tips enabled from your Clover Dashboard under account/setup -> Business Operations -> Tips

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  • Access your Smart Online Order website plugin

    First login to the website where you have your Smart Online Order website plugin installed.

    Access SOO settings
  • Activating and configuring Tips

    Next, go to Clover Orders > Settings > Checkout settings then scroll down the page down to the tips section and click enabled.

You will also have the option to edit the tips selection that your client will be able to choose at checkout such as 10,15,20,25% etc.

Below that you will be able to set a default tip amount that will automatically be added to your client's order at checkout, they will be able to change the amount or remove the tip.

SOO enabled tips

  • Save your changes

Scroll down to the bottom and click on save changes when you have completed setting changes to your liking, once saved orders going forward the checkout page will now include the tips field.