Unable to Checkout With Credit Card When Account is Created

The "Finalize Order" button at checkout is not working for customers who are signed in and ordering from their phones.

This issue may occur when another button or element is somehow blocking the "Finalize Order" button and/or be a compatibility issue with your website's theme, preventing your customers from placing their orders.

You can resolve this issue by adding some code to the Custom CSS setting within the backend of your Smart Online Order site.

To get to the Custom CSS field, you will need to navigate to Clover Orders > Settings > Store Settings > Custom CSS

In the Custom CSS setting field, you will need to input the following code as shown in the image below.
.moologoutButton {
    clear: both;


After doing this, if the issue is still occurring, please reach out to us via email or phone and we can look into the issue further.

Email: support@zaytech.com

Phone: 925-414-3848