What is Zaytech's kiosk software and what does it require?

The Kiosk Software by Zaytech allows you to turn your Clover Device into a self-service kiosk.

What it is.

Zaytech's kiosk software allows you to turn your own existing Clover devices such as for example a Clover Station or Clover Duo into a standalone self-service device that your clients can order from without having to wait on a cashier to assist them with their purchase which can allow you to both free up money and time by possibly entirely eliminating the need for a cashier or reducing the amount needed.

What Regions are supported?

Currently, the software is available in the USA and Canada.

Which Clover devices support the kiosk Software?

Our software will work on any iteration of the Clover Station, Mini, Or Duo though if using the Mini you may run into issues with some of your clients not being able to order comfortably due to the limited size of the device.

Does it require a certain Clover Service Plan?

Yes, the software would require a Clover Service Plan that allows for inventory management and the use of modifiers, with the tipping feature requiring a plan that allows you to collect tips.

Here are examples of Clover Service Plans that support our kiosk software:
Table-Service Restaurant Merchants, Counter-Service Restaurant Merchants, Register Merchants, and Register Lite Merchants.

Please note that some of Clover's Service Plans do not support the use of modifiers and you will need to upgrade your plan if you wish to use modifiers with your Smart Online Order System.

How does it work?

Our kiosk software works based on your Smart Online Order system's inventory including the images and descriptions and other customizations made to the Smart Online Order inventory; with further customizations being available via the kiosk software's backed dashboard where you can then control which categories, payment types, etc.

How do I get started?

In order to get started ensure that you have Smart Online Order installed on your Clover Merchant Account and then email our support email regarding getting started on Kiosk and they can walk you through the process of installing: