Creating Order Types

Order types can be created from either or from the Smart Online Order for Clover plugin

When your first install the plugin, two order types are automatically created

  • Online Order Pick-Up
  • Online Order Delivery

To create additional Order Types from the plugin

Login to the back-end of your website or Order Online page, then go to Clover Orders, settings, Order Types

To create or edit order types from Clover you must log in to and then go to the setup app. You cannot edit or create order types from the actual clover pos.

Open Setup app
Click Order Types
To add a new order type, click + Add Order Type

Note: Make sure to select a default order type for all in-store orders

After you have created and enabled the order types for Online Ordering, you will see them appear on the checkout page. It is recommended to use the names Online Order Pick Up for “Pick Up” orders and Online Order Delivery for “Delivery” orders to help make it easier to determine whether the order was done Online or In-Store


-It is important not to delete an order type from after it is available on the Order Online page as customers won’t be able to check out and you will receive an API Error Key. If you decide to delete an order type, delete it from the plugin side first then from the clover side.