Smart Online Order Complete Setup Instructions

    • The first thing to do is to install the app. 
    • Go to your Clover dashboard. And then, choose the right location
    Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 9.19.26 AM copy
    • So you have to choose one location. If you have multiple locations, make sure you choose the right one so that the installation is in the correct place.

    • Go to More Tools. Type in Smart Online Order.
    • Press Connect.

    • Once you press Connect, you'll see the subscription page. Press Connect.

    Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 10.11.51 AM

    • You will then be taken to the setup screen where you will be presented with 4 options;
    • Select the one that best suits your situation, if you need to have a subdomain created in order to add an ordering page to your non-WordPress website select the 3rd option and then press next.
    • Next, choose a Domain Name for your online order page.
    • Make sure the domain name is one word and doesn't contain .com
    • For example, brightsburgers , the system will add the .com by itself
    • Fill out the information needed. It is recommended to upload a logo though if you don't have access to your logo image at the moment you can do that later, the same applies to the header image.

    Back on the Clover Dashboard ensure that your business info is up to date as this info will be used with your Smart Online Order ordering system.

    • Fill up the Business Information. Make sure the address that you put in is the business address. Not the home address. Same as the Phone Number.
    • Add Business Hours. For step-by-step instructions, click this link below:
    • Order receipts. This one is important since the Smart Online Order system will use that info to add relative order info to your receipt such the order type and pickup time.
    • Also, put a check on the Show customer info section. So it will register the details of the customer once they purchase the order, especially the payment.

    By default the Smart Online Order system has both order methods of pickup and delivery active, to disable delivery if you do not offer it/have no in-store drivers to handle your deliveries follow the instructions below, else skip this section.

    • Login to your Smart Online Order website/website that you have the plugin installed on and the from the dashboard click on Clover orders on the bottom left.
    • If you are not offering delivery, go to Order Types
    • Click edit on Online Order Delivery. And then, disable and save the changes.
    • Delivery areas & fees.
    • If you are offering delivery, you have to add the delivery radius. It's important to create delivery areas because some customers might order outside the zone that covers the radius. You have to Set Delivery Areas.
    • This is an example of a radius:
    • Categories & Items. To update the images and the description, go to Clover Orders > Categories & Items.
    • Checkout Settings. For payment options for you to customize, go to this link:
    • There are so many other options you can choose from. If you want some helpful video tutorials, go to Video Tutorials at the very bottom. As well as for the Feedback / Help.

    How to make changes to the Smart Online Order Page