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What are partial payments, missing items, and how do I handle them?

This happens when someone changes the price, deletes an item in the Clover inventory, renames a modifier, or makes others changes but didn’t sync it to the website. 

When there are two different prices, for example.

Pepsi was 1.00 on both Clover and on the Website. 

 Then someone changes it to 1.05 on Clover - or deletes the item or modifier or moves it.

This will still show as 1.00 on the website, or a missing modifier or missing if it was changed. The price doesn’t automatically change on the website. 

Therefore it will show as partial payment, missing item, or show the customer owes 5 cents. - or it will show a missing item or missing modifier or have an incorrect amount. 

Do the following to get the prices and items the same on both Clover and on the website so you no longer receive partial payments and missing items 

Whenever you change prices on your Clover or remove an item or add an item -- simply do manual sync for updates and clean inventory if you removed items as shown in the video. You may also do both clean and sync.