How to Install Smart Online Order from Wordpress

Remember you can either install the WordPress Plugin called "Smart Online Order" first or the Clover App called "Smart Online Order first. It doesn't matter which order you install them in. 

These instructions will assume you already installed the Smart Online Order App from the Clover App Market:

1.) First get the API Key by going to by installing Smart Online Order. The next step is to take that API Key and then copy and paste it into the WordPress plugin called "Smart Online Order"

Below is what the API Key will look like once you get it by going to from a computer or laptop

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.10.45 AM2.) Now, install the Smart Online Order App, by selecting Add New Plugins in WordPress 

3.) Select "Key Settings" to add your API Key. Press save. Verify address and press import inventory.

If you already have a Woo-Commerce store and want to accept payment through your Clover using Woo-Commerce, then read step 4. 

4.) We offer two plugins inside WordPress. To learn in more detail about the difference visit 

A quick explanation: While the Smart Online Order WordPress Plugin uses your Clover Inventory, the WooCommerce Payment Gateway does not sync or use the Clover Inventory. It uses the WooCommerce inventory and does not sync with the Clover inventory. It takes the order you received using Woo-Commerce and sends it to your Clover POS. The money is deposited into your Clover Merchant Account. Think of the WooCommerce Payment Gateway like Paypal or Stripe, It just takes the credit card payments and sends them to your Clover Merchant Account. 

Once payment is made, you can also have it auto print the order to your Clover Device or you can manually print the order. You will also get emails.

If you want the Woo-Commerce inventory to sync with your Clover Inventory then you would need an additional app on the Clover App Market that offers the ability to sync your Clover and Woo Commerce inventory. 

We recommend using Woo Commerce Clover Payment Gateway for retail and the Smart Online Order WordPress plugin for restaurants. We have some merchants using the Smart Online Order WordPress plugin for retail, so you can see if it works for your retail business. 

Remember both connect to the same Clover App called "Smart Online Order"

Tip: You can switch from the different WordPress plugins to see which one you like better