FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Online Order

1) What is the Clover POS?

  • Please visit Clover.com to learn more about the Clover POS.

2) Will Smart Online Order work if I don't have a Clover POS?

  • No

    The Smart Online Order (SOO) application requires that you have an activated merchant account with a physical Clover POS device.

3) I have a retail store. Can I use the Smart Online Order plugin instead of the WooCommerce Payment Gateway?

  • It's highly recommended to use the WooCommerce Payment Gateway if you own a retail store as using the Smart Online Order plugin may lead to issues associated with retail that we may not be able to assist with such as the application's lack of being able to manage shipping among other retail oriented features.

    The Smart Online Order website plugin was specifically designed for restaurants.

    Here is the WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Clover

4) I want some quick installation instructions.

  1. Install the Smart Order for Clover plugin from WordPress.
  2. Go to Clover.com from your computer, and install Smart Online Order.
  3. Re-launch the SOO application.
    1. Settings/Printing top right.
    2. Setup
    3. Option #1
    4. Input into Smart Online Order plugin.

  4. Select import items from 'Clover Orders -> Settings -> Import Inventory
  5. Make changes as needed from the various settings page.
  6. Add links to your websites for clients to begin ordering from.

5) Does Smart Online Order work with Clover GO or virtual terminal?

  • No.

6) I don’t have a WordPress Website, will Smart Online Order still work for me?

  • Yes, the Smart Online Order for Restaurants Clover application comes with the option of a limited subdomain to have your menu appear online which can work as a temporary website or you could elect to use it for longer periods if necessary; though a majority of in-depth customizations are restricted such as installing plugins or new themes.

7) I'm already accepting Online Orders, how do I log in to my website? Can I make changes?

  • Yes, you are welcome to make changes. You can log in using the following (example).
    (businessname.smartonlineorder.com/wp-admin), the username and password will be from when you originally signed up. If you cannot remember them, you are welcome to email us at support@zaytech.com or call us at 925-414-3848.

8) I need a basic overview of how Smart Online Order works.

9) How do I change the cashier's name on the printed receipts for Online Ordering?

From the Smart Online Order Clover Application click on "settings/printing" then from the following page scroll down until you see the section called "Cashiers name used for online orders" click on it then choose the cashier's name you would like to use.

10) One of the apps is not working correctly on my Clover?

  1. Check your Clover's internet connection.
  2. Reboot your Clover.
  3. Reboot your router/modem.

11) Will Smart Online Order also work for retail?

  • Somewhat, while you can use Smart Online Order if you have a retail store there are limitations if you are using modifiers to determine the size or other options – you won’t be able to know how many different size or options was sold as modifiers aren’t deducted from inventory.

    Furthermore, it does not print shipping labels. We highly recommend using our WooCommerce Payment Gateway if you have a retail store.

    Click Here: For the WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

12) Where does the money get deposited?

  • Orders made through Smart Online Order as submitted to your Clover Merchant Account for processing, and will subsequently be deposited onto your Clover Merchant Account once approved.

    Smart Online Order a Zaytech product has no control over overpayments. All checkout(s) are maintained and processed across Clover's secure payment gateway.

13) I have multiple locations, is this possible?

  • Yes, of course!

    We have helped many businesses that have multiple locations, for best results each location would need its own Clover Merchant Account. Each location will have its own ordering page.

    Please call us at 925-414-3848 or email; support@zaytech.com to get the process started.

14) There is a specific feature I'm looking for, how do I know if it has this feature?

  • Please visit our DEMO page. This will allow you to try the customer end of Smart Online Order. 

    If there is a specific feature you are looking for, please give us a call, 925-414-3848 or email; support@zaytech.com.

15) I’m getting a partial payment or split pay for online ordering

15) What Clover Service Plans Does Smart Online Order Support?

  • Smart Online Order needs the inventory app in order to work. Here are the following plans that it needs: Table-Service Restaurant Merchants, Counter-Service Restaurant Merchants, Register Merchants, and Register Lite Merchants.

    Please note that some of Clover's Service Plans do not support the use of modifiers and you will need to upgrade your plan if you wish to use modifiers with your Smart Online Order System.